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  • S²TEM Centers SC (Solutions in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education) is a not-for-profit network of education specialists focused on economic development through improvement in K-12 STEM education.

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  • Darren Prevost, Lowcountry Regional Coordinator

    Darren Prevost, Lowcountry Regional Coordinator, speaks with educators, business partners, and government representatives from the Lowcountry at the 2012 SC STEM Summit.

  • Inman Elementary at iSTEM
    Becky Cornwell, Education Specialist, works with participants as they design and build tops in the March 2014 iSTEM session in Spartanburg.
  • Learning Exchange: Reading to Learn and Innovate in Mathematics & Science
    Educators and industry participants join the math and science teachers from Middle School of Pacolet as they share specific research-based disciplinary literacy strategies that engage students in purposeful reading, meaningful writing, and productive dialogue.
  • Kelli Roberson from College Park

    Kelli Roberson from College Park Middle School in Berkeley County shares new learning from the 2012 IQ-MS Summer Institute.

  • Dr. Tom Peters

    Dr. Tom Peters, Principal Investigator, speaks to teachers and administrators from IQ-MS Research Sites at the 2012 Summer Institute.

  • Look for the S²TEM Centers SC

    Look for the S²TEM Centers SC booth in exhibit halls at conferences across the state to learn more about our programs and services!

  • Educators in Spartanburg

    Educators in Spartanburg explore the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

  • Administrators from IQ-MS

    Administrators from IQ-MS Research Sites explore Meaningful Writing at the 2012 Summer Institute.

  • IQ-MS Virtual Library

    Disciplinary Literacy Lesson Library

    Read More
  • Theory of Action for STEM Success

    Characteristics of High Functioning STEM Schools

    Read More
  • S³ Curriculum

    Read More
  • Inquiring Minds: Reading to Learn and Innovate in Mathematics & Science

    Read More
  • Regional Contact Information

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Latest Blog Posts

  • The first of the science and engineering practices is "asking questions" followed by numbers two through eight focused on how Read More
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South Carolina's Coalition for Mathematics and Science

S²TEM Centers SC is an innovation partnership managed by South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science. Its purposes are to improve instruction and accelerate student learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics content areas through innovation, support and research.

Lesson: Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple

Standards: 6.NS.4

Disciplinary Literacy Strategies: T-chart, Highlighting, Give Me Five, Concept Map, Most Important Point, Concept Cartoon, Line of Learning, Frayer Model

This is a series of lessons that build an understanding of greatest common factor and least common multiple, preparing students for fraction use and other mathematical concepts. Students will engage in reading, writing, and talking about this concept culminating with an arts-based project developed using Concept Maps.

Time Required: Five 60-minute Class Periods

Disciplinary Vocabulary: GCF, LCM, factor, multiple, product, common, infinite, finite


iSTEM Professiona Learning Community by Region


Evaluation from iSTEM Pilot Info

Dr. Ann McMahon served as the external evaluator for the iSTEM Innovation Pilot

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